Choosing the Best Medical Refrigeration Units: A Guide to Solid and Glass Door Models

Ensuring the safety and efficacy of temperature-sensitive medical supplies is critical in any medical setting. Choosing the right medical refrigeration units such as refrigerators or freezers is, therefore, essential. With so much to consider, we put this helpful guide together exploring some of the key features you should look out for when choosing your perfect […]

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Guide to Veterinary Refrigerators

In the dynamic field of veterinary medicine, the critical role of sufficient medication storage cannot be emphasised enough. Veterinary refrigerators are instrumental in preserving the potency of medications intended for animal use, ultimately safeguarding the health of a range of animals. This guide offers an in-depth exploration of veterinary refrigerators, highlighting their key features and […]

key considerations for pharmacy fridges

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Medical Refrigerator

Maintaining the highest quality of products and supplies for your clients is the utmost priority for any facility. This highlights the necessity of choosing the appropriate medical refrigerator. Ensuring that medications, medical supplies, and vaccines are stored at optimal temperatures is essential to safeguarding patient health. To assist you in making the best choice, here are […]

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Enhancing Clinical Trial Efficiency with Under-Counter Refrigeration

In the demanding field of clinical trials, the management of resources, particularly sample storage, plays a pivotal role in the success of clinical trials. Under-counter fridges have emerged as a sophisticated solution, addressing key operational challenges with their compact, efficient design. We will explore the fundamental benefits these units offer, enhancing the functionality and effectiveness […]

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Maintaining a Laboratory Fridge

Laboratory fridges are essential for storing temperature-sensitive samples safely in medical and research environments. To ensure the optimal performance of any crucial laboratory device, proper maintenance methods must be followed. This is critical for preserving valuable sample materials such as organ tissues, plasma and blood samples. Replace Worn Out Gaskets Regular checks and replacements are […]

What are Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (ULT freezers) used for?

Understanding ULT Freezers Ultra-low freezers are specialised storage units designed to maintain temperatures between -40°C and -86°C, significantly colder than standard freezers. They are crucial in scientific and medical fields for preserving sensitive biological materials, certain pharmaceuticals and vaccines. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ULT freezers became especially useful in aiding vaccination campaigns worldwide. ULT Freezers […]

Guide to Proper Vaccine Storage: Refrigeration and Freezing Best Practices

In the world of healthcare, the proper storage of vaccines is a critical aspect that ensures their efficacy and safety. Whether you’re storing vaccines in refrigeration units or freezers, understanding and adhering to the best practices is vital. This guide combines essential tips for storing vaccines at both refrigerated and frozen temperatures, focusing on Celsius […]

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Ensuring Quality in Healthcare: The Importance of Medical Refrigerator Regulations

The Role of Medical Fridges in Healthcare Medical refrigerators are vital in the healthcare industry, allowing for the safe storage of temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, drugs, and biological samples. They preserve the integrity and efficacy of these crucial materials by maintaining precise temperature conditions, directly impacting patient safety and the success of treatments. A […]

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Which type of Medical Refrigerator is Right for your needs? Pros and Cons Explored

A regular domestic refrigerator is inadequate for keeping vaccinations, medicines, and other medical supplies safe. Medical-grade refrigerators are built to maintain exact temperature control, avoid contamination, and keep the contents secure. This article will go through the numerous medical refrigerators available, such as pharmaceutical, blood bank, and biomedical fridges. We will go through their distinct […]

Are you ready for Flu Season? Ensure Vaccine Safety with ARCTIKO

The flu season serves as an annual reminder of the importance of vaccinations. It’s the time of year when healthcare providers meticulously prepare to provide vaccines to patients of all ages. However, in the rush to defend against the flu, one essential component that should not be overlooked is vaccination storage. In this article, we […]