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ARCTIKO are pioneers in temperature-controlled storage solutions, empowering global industries with cutting-edge refrigeration technology. With years of innovation, we provide high-quality freezers and refrigerators for scientific research, healthcare, and other applications.

Renowned for precision engineering, we serve laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and biotech firms. Our products excel in preserving samples, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals.

With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, ARCTIKO improves operations and promotes a greener future. Trust us to redefine standards, offering bespoke solutions for demanding environments. Partner with ARCTIKO for uncompromised quality and peace of mind.

Professional People

At ARCTIKO, our vision is clear: to become the premier partner for delivering advanced and tailored cooling and freezing solutions, primarily serving the healthcare and life science sectors on a global scale. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering high-quality, environmentally friendly, cutting-edge custom solutions.


We harness our extensive knowledge and capabilities to deliver value-added solutions from the inception of design to final delivery, precisely tailored to meet both market demands and user needs.


Our primary focus revolves around pioneering freezing solutions, particularly catering to the healthcare and scientific sectors on a global scale.


We oversee all facets of the process, from research and development, through design and supply chain management, to sales and marketing, ensuring adherence to user and customer specifications. This comprehensive approach keeps us agile and competitive, enabling us to deliver bespoke solutions that align perfectly with client requirements.

We put the needs of our customers before anything else. We aim to understand our customers and adapt our product, so they fit the way they interact with our products.

We aim to find the best solutions whenever we design new products and offer the best service in case our customers need help.

We listen actively to our coworkers, accept all ideas, and aim to solve any tasks as a team, by open and respectful communication.

We are a flexible player and are able to deliver high-quality, environment-friendly, leading-edge customised solutions.

We are an organisation with committed colleagues, and space to improve your skills surrounded by a good social environment.

We are dedicated to developing products of the highest quality with the hope of becoming the world’s leading true cooling specialists.

We consistently develop and improve our products to fit the newest standards and our customer’s needs.




At ARCTIKO, we prioritize our responsibility to the global environment, striving for a more sustainable future in all our endeavours.

Our products are meticulously crafted with a focus on energy efficiency, aiming to minimize CO₂ emissions and decrease operating costs.

Our global presence is your convenience.


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Professional People

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