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ARCTIKO, a pioneer in innovative cold storage technology, offers a comprehensive range of refrigerators and freezers tailored to the demanding requirements of hospital environments. Our product line comprises models with both solid and glass doors, as well as a variety of sizes to accommodate any space or demand, offering excellent storage conditions for important medical supplies at competitive prices.

Our cold storage units have been carefully developed to meet the critical specifications necessary for temperature-sensitive medications. With precise temperature controls and advanced technologies, our products are designed to maintain the cold chain effectively. Focusing on stability and security is essential for protecting temperature-sensitive medications and samples. Whether you require expansive storage for a large hospital or compact solutions for smaller clinics, we have the right product to meet your requirements.

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built in data logger

Built-in data logger provides accurate monitoring of temperature conditions.

energy star certified

Energy Star certified for superior energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

secure lock feature

Secure lock feature for enhanced protection against unauthorised access.

connect smart phone

Smartphone connectivity for easy access to settings, alarms, and temperature data.

environmental standards

ARCTIKO’s cold storage units are compliant with EPA and SNAP environmental standards.

medical regulatory standards

Meets Medical device Class IIA regulatory standards as per MDD 93/42/EEC.

true dual technology

TRUE DUAL™ Technology ensures backup cooling system reliability keeping samples safe.

noise reduction technology

Advanced noise reduction technology for quieter operation and a pleasant environment.

forced air cooling

Forced air cooling for consistent internal temperatures avoiding any hot or cold spots.

direct air cooling

Direct air cooling with evaporator coils for maximum uniformity and minimal recovery time.

lady opening an ultra low temperature freezer

What are Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (ULT freezers) used for?

Ultra-low freezers are specialised storage units designed to maintain temperatures between -40°C and -86°C, significantly colder than standard freezers. They are crucial in scientific and medical fields for…….

sold door and glass door under-counter medical refrigerators

Guide to Proper Vaccine Storage: Refrigeration and Freezing Best Practices

In the field of healthcare, the effective storage of vaccines is a critical aspect that ensures their efficacy and safety. Whether you’re storing vaccines in refrigeration units or freezers, understanding and adhering to…….

arctiko refrigerator controller

TRUE DUAL™- Reliable & Highly Efficient Technology

The TRUE DUAL™ technology consists of two independent cooling cycles and is based on a single compressor system (not a cascade system). In the unlikely event of an unexpected failure or…….

Our involvement in the manufacturing process from start to finish ensures that all our cold storage units fulfil ARCTIKO’s high standards for quality and reliability. We are pushing the bounds of what is possible in these areas with our unique solutions as part of our commitment to revolutionising how companies conserve and safeguard. What’s more, we empower our customers to achieve their goals while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for all.