What are Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers (ULT freezers) used for?

Understanding ULT Freezers

Ultra-low freezers are specialised storage units designed to maintain temperatures between -40°C and -86°C, significantly colder than standard freezers. They are crucial in scientific and medical fields for preserving sensitive biological materials, certain pharmaceuticals and vaccines. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ULT freezers became especially useful in aiding vaccination campaigns worldwide.

ULT Freezers Features

Ultra-low-temperature freezers at ARCTIKO are engineered with strong insulation and advanced cooling mechanisms for effective and reliable functioning at very low temperatures. To minimise temperature variation due to external air, ARCTIKO’s unique TRUE DUAL™ technology, provides unparalleled safety with dual cooling systems. Designed with energy-saving ECO mode and advanced insulation, alongside a reduced noise level of just 49 dB, they ensure a more pleasant work environment.


Biological Research
ULT freezers are vital in maintaining the integrity of biological specimens like cell lines, tissues and genetic material including DNA and RNA, along with proteins. Their importance spans across numerous research areas, from genetics and molecular biology to the pursuit of new pharmaceuticals. By providing extremely low temperatures, these freezers significantly reduce the rate of degradation, thereby ensuring the long-term preservation of these critical samples.

blood sample

In clinical laboratory settings, ULT freezers are integral for storing diagnostic samples like blood, plasma and serum. These samples are key for disease diagnosis, genetic testing and various research initiatives.

ULT freezers play a crucial role in cryopreservation, a method where biological materials are frozen at very low temperatures with the help of cryoprotective agents. This approach is widely used for the storage and preservation of cells, tissues and organs. Whether for transplantation, research purposes, or future applications.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)
In the realm of assisted reproduction, notably in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), ultra-low temperature freezers are essential for storing oocytes (eggs) and embryos. They are kept at these extreme temperatures until needed. The freezer environment creates a stable and secure environment for these sensitive reproductive elements, enhancing the ability of fertility clinics to increase the likelihood of successful pregnancies.

assisted reproductive technology


Ultra-low temperature freezers from ARCTIKO stand at the forefront of safeguarding critical materials in scientific, medical and industrial realms. These freezers not only offer unparalleled stability and control for preserving, but also embody the latest in technological advancements.

As research and medical innovation continue to evolve, ARCTIKO’s ultra-low temperature freezers are set to remain an integral part of these pioneering efforts, helping to preserve the building blocks of future discoveries and advancements in human health.

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