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In the dynamic world of healthcare, pharmacies are at the forefront of safeguarding community health, playing a crucial role in the management of vital medications. ARCTIKO’s cutting-edge cold storage solutions are designed to support this mission, offering unmatched reliability in preserving pharmaceuticals critical for patient care.

Our systems are equipped with precise temperature controls and advanced cooling technologies, essential for maintaining pharmaceutical integrity and preventing spoilage that can compromise patient safety and cause product wastage. ARCTIKO offers a diverse range of cold storage solutions with varying capacities to meet your specific needs.

By choosing ARCTIKO, pharmacies can confidently meet the demands of modern healthcare. Our solutions ensure that life-saving vaccines, insulins, and other temperature-sensitive medications are kept under optimal conditions, and ready for dispensation. Thus, safeguarding community health and reinforcing your pharmacy’s reputation as a trusted healthcare provider.

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built-in data logger

Built-in data logger provides accurate monitoring of temperature conditions.

energy star

Energy Star certified for superior energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

secure lock

Secure lock feature for enhanced protection against unauthorised access.

smartphone connectivity

Smartphone connectivity for easy access to settings, alarms, and temperature data.

environmental standards

ARCTIKO’s cold storage units are compliant with EPA and SNAP environmental standards.

medical regulatory standards

Meets Medical device Class IIA regulatory standards as per MDD 93/42/EEC.

true dual technology

TRUE DUAL™ Technology ensures backup cooling system reliability keeping samples safe.

advanced noise reduction

Advanced noise reduction technology for quieter operation and pleasant environment.

forced air cooling

Forced air cooling for consistent internal temperatures avoiding any hot or cold spots.

direct air cooling

Direct air cooling with evaporator coils for maximum uniformity and minimal recovery time.

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Our involvement in the manufacturing process from start to finish ensures that all our cold storage units meet ARCTIKO’s high standards for quality and reliability. With our innovative solutions, we are redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in these areas – our commitment to revolutionising the way organisations preserve and protect. What’s more, we empower our customers to achieve their goals while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for all.