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Enhancing Clinical Trial Efficiency with Under-Counter Refrigeration

In the demanding field of clinical trials, the management of resources, particularly sample storage, plays a pivotal role in the success of clinical trials. Under-counter fridges have emerged as a sophisticated solution, addressing key operational challenges with their compact, efficient design.

We will explore the fundamental benefits these units offer, enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of clinical trial storage.

Small Quantity of Samples

Clinical trials often involve handling small quantities of samples, making large storage systems inefficient. Under-counter units provide an ideal alternative, precisely offering an optimal amount of space needed for these samples. This approach not only conserves lab space but also aligns with the specific requirements of clinical studies.

Specialised Storage Conditions

The integrity of trial materials, often sensitive to temperature variations is paramount. Medical fridge units excel in maintaining consistent, specific temperatures, ensuring the stability and viability of these materials. This level of control is particularly advantageous for trials involving delicate biological samples.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Operational costs and environmental impact are of great concern. Thus, using smaller, energy-efficient fridges presents a significant advantage. By consuming less power, these units are both economically and environmentally more sustainable than their larger counterparts.

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Convenient Frequency of Access

The ease of access provided by these compact units is particularly beneficial in trials where samples are frequently needed and allows for quick and easy retrieval, thereby streamlining the research process.

Dedicated Storage for Varied Samples

Different types of samples often require distinct storage environments. Small fridges enable the segregation of samples into dedicated storage spaces, ensuring that each is maintained under optimal conditions, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Minimse Cross-Contamination Risks

The risk of cross-contamination is a critical concern in clinical trials. The smaller size of units inherently reduces this risk by limiting the number of samples stored together, thus safeguarding the integrity of each specimen.

clinical trial testing


Budget considerations are critical in research projects. Small fridges offer an economical solution, with lower upfront and maintenance costs. This cost-effectiveness makes them a key choice for budget-conscious research programs, without compromising on quality or performance.


ARCTIKO provides a variety of under-counter refrigeration and freezer units designed for clinical trial storage. These have been developed to meet the requirements of clinical research, providing solutions that support the biomedical industry with innovative, reliable and high-quality refrigeration technology at a cost-effective price.

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