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Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Medical Refrigerator

Maintaining the highest quality of products and supplies for your clients is the utmost priority for any facility. This highlights the necessity of choosing the appropriate medical refrigerator.

Ensuring that medications, medical supplies, and vaccines are stored at optimal temperatures is essential to safeguarding patient health. To assist you in making the best choice, here are our top tips for choosing the right medical refrigerator.

1) Consider the Purpose

Understanding the specific needs of your medical refrigerator is crucial for determining the features that best suit your needs. Some facilities may prioritise models with glass doors to streamline identification and inventory management.

For items requiring heightened security, selecting a refrigerator with a locking mechanism to control access may be preferable. Additionally, it is important to consider temperature alarm systems and other available enhancements.

2) Determine the Appropriate Size of Your Facility

Choosing the right medical refrigerator is essential to effectively meet your storage needs. Understanding the purpose of your medical refrigerator is crucial, as it allows you to estimate the quantity of medical supplies your unit needs to accommodate. Factors such as the size of your facility, the range of offerings, and peak periods of activity should be taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate model.

There are four primary types of medical refrigerators to consider:

  • Countertop models – Compact and convenient, these models are perfect for limited space.
  • Under-counter models – These smaller-scale refrigerators are designed to optimise space in any environment, fitting into various enclosed areas.
  • Large capacity units – These spacious, standalone refrigerators offer a vast storage space, suitable for storing large quantities, such as annual vaccine supplies for flu season.
  • Flammable/Explosion-proof models (ATEX/SPARK free units)- Specifically designed for handling or storing flammable items, where there is possible ignition risk. These prevent fires, explosions, and other hazards, offering protection for sensitive items.

Selecting a model that is too small may lead to overcrowding and inadequate airflow within the refrigerator. On the other hand, choosing one that is too large for your needs can impact internal temperatures or waste valuable storage space. By carefully evaluating your requirements, you can determine the most suitable size and type for your facility.

undercounter medical fridge

3) Check for Compliance

When selecting a refrigerator, ensure it meets pharmacy-grade standards rather than settling for a standard domestic product. While most medical refrigerators typically adhere to these standards, it’s essential to verify that the model is compliant with regulations.

By ensuring compliance with these standards, you guarantee industry-standard quality and enhance safety for both your clients and employees. At ARCTIKO, we provide guidance throughout the purchasing process, ensuring that you always receive a high-quality product. Our products are also certified to EU directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices and possess CE marking for Class II equipment.

4) Don’t Cut Cost Corners

When purchasing a refrigerator for your facility, avoid cutting corners. Allocate sufficient funds to invest in units that offer the necessary features and functionality. Choosing the right medical refrigerator upfront will ultimately save you time and money by reducing the need to replace medications or acquire duplicate vaccine vials due to refrigerator malfunctions.

One of the most common avoidable causes of waste is caused by refrigerator failures. In 2022, NHS vaccine wastage incidents totalled £2.6million due to avoidable reasons (reported through ImmForm). In the US, analysts estimate that America wasted more than 1bn Covid jabs during the pandemic. By prioritising the selection of high-quality appliances for your facility, you can mitigate significant expenses in the long term.

5) Temperature Control Features

Maintaining a consistent temperature is crucial for medical refrigerators to meet the storage requirements of medications. Selecting a medical refrigerator equipped with precise temperature controls is essential to prevent fluctuations.

At ARCTIKO, our medical refrigerators come with forced air cooling, ensuring superior temperature uniformity and stability. By circulating airflow around the shelves and stored items, our units eliminate any cold or hot spots. Distributed by a powerful fan and open air flow areas along the sides, the air is always distributed evenly throughout the fully loaded unit.

medical fridge controller

6) Temperature Alarms

While temperature control is paramount in medical refrigerators, receiving alerts for any temperature deviations is equally critical. Look for a mecical refrigerator equipped with alarms that promptly notify you of significant temperature changes in real-time.

At ARCTIKO, our medical refrigerators are equipped with alarm features, designed to keep you informed. These alarms activate in the event of a power failure if the refrigerator door remains open, or if there are fluctuations in the internal refrigerator temperature. This ensures that you are alerted and can take appropriate action to safeguard your stored items promptly.

7) Energy Efficiency

Opting for an energy-efficient refrigerator can yield substantial savings in operating expenses over time. If energy consumption is a priority for you, consider investing in a glass-door medical refrigerator. These refrigerators maintain more consistent internal temperatures, as healthcare professionals don’t need to open the door as frequently to locate stock, thereby reducing energy usage. Moreover, our medical refrigerators are Energy Star certified, ensuring exceptional energy efficacy and reduced environmental impact.

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8) Security Features

Medical facilities frequently handle controlled substances and medications susceptible to mishandling, highlighting the importance of implementing correct security protocols.

When selecting a medical refrigerator, prioritise models with robust security features to deter unauthorised access. At ARCTIKO, our medical refrigerators come equipped with a secure key lock, to provide an additional layer of protection for valuable contents.

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