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Guide to Veterinary Refrigerators

In the dynamic field of veterinary medicine, the critical role of sufficient medication storage cannot be emphasised enough. Veterinary refrigerators are instrumental in preserving the potency of medications intended for animal use, ultimately safeguarding the health of a range of animals.

This guide offers an in-depth exploration of veterinary refrigerators, highlighting their key features and best usage practices.

The Importance of Veterinary Refrigerators

At their core, veterinary refrigerators are specialised pharmacy-grade cooling units dedicated to sustaining temperatures needed to maintain temperature-sensitive drugs and vaccines for animals.

Contrary to household refrigerators, which can experience significant temperature shifts, veterinary refrigerators are designed specifically to keep a consistent temperature range. To ensure this, they are equipped with precise digital temperature controls, advanced cooling systems, and continuous temperature monitoring devices with alarms that alert staff to any deviations. These units may also feature fan-forced air circulation to maintain uniform temperature distribution and have backup power systems to safeguard against power outages.

A lapse in this temperature control can lead to medication degradation, and potentially loss of potency, leading to waste, endangering animal lives and incurring substantial financial losses for your practice. As a result, veterinary refrigerators serve an important role in upholding the wellness and safety of animals under veterinary treatment.

Veterinary refrigerators are engineered with features tailored to enhance medication storage in animal healthcare settings. These features are designed to meet the specific needs of veterinary clinics:

Advanced Temperature Control and Monitoring

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A key feature of high-quality veterinary refrigerators is their ability to precisely regulate temperature. Most medications intended for animals, need to be stored within a strict temperature range of +2°C to +8°C in order to stay effective.

Models like ARCTIKO’s medical refrigerators, featuring forced air cooling technology for quick temperature recovery and automatic defrost systems, are designed for precise control and stabilisation of medication temperatures. Should the temperature deviate from the desired range, integrated alarms will promptly notify staff, ensuring immediate response to any potential issues.

Moreover, our new line of Flexaline™ refrigerators offer the superior features such as a built-in data logger, USB port, forced air cooling, adjustable shelves, door lock and LED lighting; while maintaining an attractive purchase price and low ongoing cost of ownership.

Optimised Storage Capacity and Organisation

Effective storage is critical in the veterinary sector, where the appropriate pharmaceutical management can have a major influence on patient care. To meet a variety of storage demands, we offer both clear-door and solid-door models. Clear-door refrigerators facilitate easy visual access to medications, enhancing organisation and accessibility. On the other hand, solid-door models are preferable in situations where medications are specific to a certain type of animal, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

The interior design of our refrigerators is adaptable, with adjustable shelves, LED lighting, security features and forced air cooling. ARCTIKO refrigerators are also fully compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) regulations.

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Maintaining Your Veterinary Refrigerator

Ensuring your veterinary refrigerator is well-maintained is crucial for its performance and the integrity of the medications stored within. Regular maintenance, including weekly inspections and cleaning of the refrigerator’s interior, shelves, and seals, is recommended.

Our products also feature perforated stainless-steel shelves, wire shelves plastic coated and stainless-steel drawers for ease of cleaning, addressing hygiene and maintenance efficiency.

Consult Our Expert Team

Selecting the right veterinary refrigerator is fundamental to the success of any animal healthcare practice. By adhering to best practices in refrigerator maintenance and usage, you can safeguard the potency of medications vital for the treatment of animals in your care. Reach out to our team for expert advice and support in choosing the most suitable refrigeration solution for your veterinary practice.

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