Large Upright Freezer LFE 490-US

$2,698.00 ex. tax

  • -25 / -10 °C
  • Upright Model – 17.34 ft³
  • Single Compressor Technology
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Direct Cooling
  • Eco Friendly Refrigerant
  • 100% HCFC & CFC Free
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Key Lock on Door
LFE 490 side view Flexaline Upright Biomedical Freezer
Large Upright Freezer LFE 490-US $2,698.00 ex. tax

ARCTIKO’s LFE 490-US is an upright freezer, offering the superior features required for biomedical applications. With an upright configuration and a substantial 17.34 ft³ capacity, the LFE 490-US freezer ensures precise temperature control ranging from -25°C to -10°C.

  • Upright
  • Capacity 17.34 ft3
  • Range -25°C / -10°C
Item Code 1900043-01
Temperature Range (°C) -25 / -10 °C
Temperature Range (°F) -77 / -50 °F
Max. Ambient Temperature (°C) +32
Capacity (L) 491
Capacity (Cu.FT) 17.34
Exterior Dimensions WxDxH (Mm) 780 X 710 X 1950
Exterior Dimensions WxDxH (Inches) 31 X 28 X 77
Interior Dimensions WxDxH (Mm) 645 X 530 X 1645
Interior Dimensions WxDxH (Inches) 25 X 21 X 65
Weight (KG) 99
Weight (Lb) 218
Insulation (Mm) 65
Insulation (Inches) 2.56
Cooling Technology Static Cooling
Controller Model / Probe Type Honker / NTC
Power Supply (V) 110
Frequency (Hz) 60
Power Consumption (KWH/24H) 5.43
AMP (A) 2.0
Power (Watt)
Horse Power (HP)
Alarm Display As Text – Not Codes No
Visual / Acoustic Alarm Yes / Yes
Power Failure Alarm Yes
Adjustable High/Low Temperature Alarm Yes / Yes
Open Door Alarm Yes
Probe Failure Alarm Yes
Low Battery Alarm Yes
Compressor Failure Alarm
Voltage Free Contact For Remote Alarm (E.G. GSM Alarm Module) Yes
Electronic Data Logger Yes
RS 485 Port
USB Port For Software Update & Data Download Yes
Temperature Chart Recorder
Display Type Digital
Number Of Optional Reference Probes N/A
Password Protection For Turning Unit On/Off
Temperature Graph On Display
Automatic Defrost
Antifreeze Function
Vacuum Release Port
Access Port For External Probe Etc. (Int. Diameter Mm) Yes (20)
Light Yes
Lock With Key Yes
Castors (Total Pcs) / Castors With Brake (Pcs) 4 / 2
Fixed Feet (Pcs) / Levelling Feet (Pcs)
Sub Lids Or Inner Doors (Pcs)
Reversible Doors (Pcs) Yes
Fixed Shelves (Pcs) / Adjustable Shelves (Pcs) 0 / 7
Max. No. Of Shelves (Pcs) / Recommended Max. No. Of Shelves (Pcs) 7 / 7
Max Load Per Shelf (Kg) 37
Adjustable Drawers (Pcs) Optional
Max. No. Of Adjustable Drawers (Pcs)
Max. Load Per Adjustable Drawer (Kg)
Max. No. Of Blood Bags – By Standard No. Of Adj. Drawers (Pcs)
Max. No. Of Blood Bags – By Max. No. Of Adj. Drawers (Pcs)
Basket (Pcs) No
Max. No. Of Baskets (Pcs)
Max. Load Per Basket (Kg)
Total Capacity Of 50 Mm Boxes 9×9 Didviders (Pcs)
Total Capacity Of 75 Mm Boxes 9×9 Didviders (Pcs)
Total Capacity Of 96 Mm Boxes 9×9 Didviders (Pcs)
Number Of Compressors 1
Refrigerant R290
Interior Cabinet Material Powder Coated Aluminum Plate
Exterior Cabinet Material Powder Coated Galvanized Steel
Colour (Exterior Cabinet) White
Foam Agent Cyclopentane
Shipping Weight (Kg) 117
Shipping Weight (Lb) 258
Shipping Dimensions WxDxH (Cm) 82.5 X 75 X 202.9
Shipping Dimensions WxDxH (Inches) 33 X 30 X 80
Shipping Volume (M³) 1.25
Shipping Volume (Cu.FT) 44.14