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Arctiko Voltage Stabilizer®

Stabilized power for optimal temperatures.

The SVS will ensure that your equipment will receive normal, stabilized power which is essential for refrigeration equipment in unsteady power areas to ensure long service operation without damage and ensure that the contents of the refrigeration are kept at the optimal temperature.

The SVS voltage stabilizers monitor the mains voltage continuously. If the voltage rises or drops, the SVS will stabilize the output to ensure the voltage reaching your equipment remains constant at 230V (+/-6%), within the operating range of the unit. If the voltage falls below 142V or rises above 295V, the SVS will disconnect the output, thereby protecting the load. Once the main voltage returns again within acceptable limits, the SVS will reconnect the output following a start-up delay.

  • Stabilized power
  • Monitors the main voltage
  • Long service operation

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