Automated Temperautre Monitor EL-ARC-02

$179.99 ex. tax

  • Measures down to -270°C
  • Cloud Connected
  • Temperature Monitoring Compliance
  • Automated Record Keeping
  • Secure Cloud Data Storage
  • Real-time Email and SMS Alerts


Arc 2 with -125
Automated Temperautre Monitor EL-ARC-02 $179.99 ex. tax
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The EL-ARC-02 data logger shatters the limitations of traditional temperature monitoring, venturing into the realm of ultra-low temperature and cryogenic applications. Reaching a staggering -270°C, this innovative device seamlessly integrates with your existing Wi-Fi network.

Gain complete control over your ultra-cold operations with the EL-ARC-02. Secure online records stored on the EasyLog Cloud platform provide real-time access to critical temperature data, allowing for constant monitoring and analysis. Instant email or SMS alerts trigger whenever temperatures deviate from your set parameters, empowering you to respond swiftly and protect your valuable stock and samples.

The EL-ARC-02 has a high-accuracy thermocouple probe, meticulously designed to deliver reliable readings that accurately reflect the temperature of your inventory. This unwavering precision ensures the integrity of your research or the safety of your temperature-sensitive materials. The hot-swappable probe eliminates downtime during recalibration, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted monitoring for optimal efficiency.

The user-friendly LCD display of the EL-ARC-02 provides instant insight into current, minimum, and maximum temperatures. This intuitive interface keeps you constantly informed about the conditions within your ultra-cold environment.

The EL-ARC-02 data logger empowers you to move beyond reactive measures and embrace a proactive approach to temperature control. This powerful tool safeguards your assets, ensuring flawless regulatory compliance with effortless efficiency. Don’t wait for unforeseen problems to disrupt your operations – take control with the EL-ARC-02 and achieve complete peace of mind in your ultra-cold environment.

Measurement range
-270°C to +1372°C (-518°F to 2501°F)
Measurement resolution
0.1°C (0.2°F)
Measurement accuracy
Operating temperature range
-20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
Logging period
User selectable between 10 seconds and 12 hours
Transmission Period 1 hour typical
Temperature Measurement Resolution 0.1
Accuracy 1.5°C (2.7°F)
IP Rating IP40
Dimensions 82 x 70 x 23 mm
Probe Dimensions
100 x Φ 3mm, 2m cable
Battery Life >6 months
USB Supply Voltage(@500mA) 5.0 Vdc