Automated Temperature Monitor EL-ARC-01

$199.99 ex. tax

  • Measures down to -40°C
  • Cloud Connected
  • Temperature Monitoring Compliance
  • Automated Record Keeping
  • Secure Cloud Data Storage
  • Real-time Email and SMS Alerts


EL-ARC 1 Straight red back -35
Automated Temperature Monitor EL-ARC-01 $199.99 ex. tax
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Ensure seamless compliance with regulatory temperature monitoring standards using the EL-ARC-01 data logger from ARCTIKO. Purpose-built for low-temperature environments, the EL-ARC-01 efficiently operates down to -40°C, making it ideal for safeguarding sensitive stock and samples.

Key Features:

Advanced Temperature Probe: The high-accuracy probe, equipped with a temperature buffer, precisely mimics the conditions of your inventory for unparalleled accuracy.

Hot-Swap Probe Connectivity: Easily recalibrate your device without interrupting its operation, thanks to the innovative hot-swap probe connection feature.

Intuitive LCD Display: The clear LCD provides real-time information on current, minimum, and maximum temperatures, allowing for quick and easy monitoring.

Local and Remote Alerts: Stay ahead of potential issues with the integrated red LED indicator and sounder for immediate local notifications. Additionally, receive real-time email or SMS alerts directly to your phone for any temperature breaches.

Effortless Cloud Integration: Connect seamlessly to your existing Wi-Fi network and access secure online temperature records through the EasyLog Cloud.

With the EL-ARC-01, you can be confident in your ability to protect your valuable inventory and maintain regulatory compliance effortlessly. Don’t wait until it’s too late—trust ARCTIKO’s EL-ARC-01 for reliable, real-time temperature monitoring and alerts.

Measurement range
-40 to 125°C (-40 to 257°­­F)
Measurement resolution
0.01°C (0.02°F)
Measurement accuracy
±0.2°C/±0.4°F (-15 to +80°C/5 to 176°­­F)
±0.5°C/±0.9°F (-40 to 125°C/-40 to 257°­­F)
Operating temperature range
-20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
Logging rate
User selectable between 10 seconds and 12 hours
Battery life
>6 months
USB supply voltage 5 Vdc
IP rating
Logger IP42
Probe IP67
82 x 70 x 36 mm