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Arctiko Introduce 22 All-New Pharmaceutical Refrigerators & Biomedical Freezers

Arctiko are excited to announce the launch of 22 all-new models, including 15 new pharmaceutical refrigerators and seven new biomedical freezers. Each new model has been carefully designed, from the ground up, to offer the superior features and reliability needed for pharmaceutical and biomedical applications while maintaining an attractive purchase price and low ongoing cost of ownership. These new models are available in a variety of storage capacities from compact 2.1 cu. ft. bench top size up to 49 cu. ft. two-door models, with options for solid or glass doors, enabling you to find the perfect model for your application. 

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators & Biomedical Freezers

Stock of these new models will be available early August 2023 and we are already taking pre-orders through our web shop, so order now to secure availability from our launch stock.

Introducing the Arctiko Flexaline™ Pharmaceutical Refrigerator & Biomedical Freezer Series

Models in the all-new Flexaline™ series: PRE (glass door pharmaceutical and medical refrigerators), LRE (solid door pharmaceutical and medical refrigerators), and LFE (solid door biomedical freezers) offer:

Pharmaceutical Counter Top Fridge
PRE Models - Glass Door
Pharmaceutical Upright Fridge
LRE & LFE - Solid Door
Biomedical Freezer Controller
MEC-183 Digital Controller

Introducing the Arctiko PR & LR Pharmaceutical Refrigerator and LF Biomedical Freezer Series

Models in the PR (glass door biomedical refrigerator), LR (solid door biomedical refrigerator), and LF (solid door biomedical freezer) ranges offer: 

Pharmaceutical Fridges & Biomedical Freezers
LR & LF Solid Door Fridges & Freezers
Pharmaceutical Fridges
PR - Glass Door Fridges
Pharmaceutical Fridge & Biomedical Freezer Controller
Carel Digital Controller

All Arctiko refrigerators and freezers are, of course, backed by Arctiko’s world renowned customer support, the “True Cooling Specialists”.


We honestly believe that you won’t find a more highly specified pharmaceutical refrigerator or biomedical freezer at a better price.

Call us today for buying and delivery advice: +1 (615) 988-7000 

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