Ultra low temperature freezer - double security

The ULUF P820 GG freezer -86°C features our TRUE DUAL™ technology for double security, which consists of two independent systems offering you the best security.

In case of any failure with one of the cooling systems, the other system will still maintain the temperature at -70°C. Thereby, your samples will not be affected by any challenge caused by an unexpected system failure, until service is provided. 

  • Upright
  • Capacity (L) 819 L.
  • Range -40 / -86 °C

Product Features

  • Filterless construction
  • Independent TRUE DUAL™ technology for double security
  • Low energy consumption made possible with ECO mode and ultra-efficient vacuum insulated panels
  • Reduced noise level down to 49 dB - low noise level provides a better work environment
  • Direct cooling for optimized temperature stability and uniformity, even with multiple door openings
  • Self-diagnostic function to secure that your alarm system is always working correctly
  • Adjustable shelves to accommodate any storage need you might have
  • Insulated inner doors to minimize cold loss during door openings. Easy removable inner doors make the defrost and maintenance procedure easy
  • Maximum cooling of compressors with airflow control
  • 100% HCFC & CFC free, and we aim to use the most environmentally friendly solutions in our products

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Product Specifications

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