Card Lock for Arctiko V700 Controller®

Currently available for Integraline GG series.

As an additional feature you can choose to add card lock protection on your freezer, to store your valuable samples safe.

The card lock accessory for the Integraline GG series enables the user to ensure only authorized personal has access to the subjects stored in the freezer. The user operates the electronic lock by holding a 125 kHz card up to the radio frequency logo. The unit recognizes the card and activates the lock. 

Product Features

  • Register up to 16 cards (users)
  • Displays overview of door openings
  • Displays overview of standby mode
  • Enable set point changes by loading the card
  • Displays overview of set point
  • Displays overview of unauthorized access
Card lock for Arctiko V700 controller®

Card lock for Arctiko V700 controller®

Currently available for the following models

  • ULUF P390 GG
  • ULUF P500 GG
  • ULUF P610 GG
  • ULUF P820 GG


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