Arctiko stacking kit®

The stacking kit will give great advantages and ensure maximum floor space and is essential for labs with limited space.

The stacking kit offers great advantages and minimizes the footprint, which ensures maximum floor space if space is limited. The stacking kit makes it possible to combine under-counter refrigerators and freezers as desired. It is simple, easy to install, made of highly durable steel.

The following models are compatible with the staking kit:

  • ULUF 60
  • ULUF 120
  • ULUF 125
  • LR 100
  • LF 100
  • PR 100
  • PF 100
  • LRE 120
  • PRE 120
  • LFE 110
  • BBR 110


  • More floor space
  • Easy to install
  • Durable steel

Arctiko stacking kit®

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