Cryo Vials®

Precision Accessory Designed for Storing Biological Material

ARCTIKO cryovials are uniquely designed with external threads for safe short- and long-term storage. The cryovials are constructed of high-quality specially formulated polypropylene which makes the ARCTIKO cryovials highly resistant and able to withstand temperatures of -196°C to 121°C. ARCTIKO’s cryovials combined with the innovative 10×10 cryoboxes, make it possible to store 100 pcs in only one box without any extra costs involved. Compared with the conventional box, you will get an additional 19 samples without having to compromise with the space.

  • Slim design
  • Leak proof cap
  • Quality tested

Main Features

  • Slim design with external thread
  • More than 23% more samples
  • Smart star-foot grip
  • Uniquely designed lids
  • Rnase-free / Danse-free / Pyrogen-free
  • DNA-free /RNA-free /ATP-free
  • Sterilized after ISO 11137-2.2013

Cryo Vials®

Our cryovials are uniquely designed with external threads and are invented for safe short and long-term storage.


  • 0,5ml
  • 1,0ml
  • 2,0ml
  • 4,0ml
  • 5,0ml