Chest Front Rack 75mm Boxes

$146.00 ex. tax

Accessory for Chest Freezers

Chest Front Rack
Chest Front Rack 75mm Boxes $146.00 ex. tax
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The chest front rack is designed for optimal suiting of chest freezers. Due to the design and choice of material, these unique racks are extremely solid and long-lasting stainless steel. These racks are easy to work with and give a good grip of the racks, thanks to the smart folding handle on top of the rack. The box is removed from the front, thus ensuring a good overview. The handle in the top meanwhile ensures easy handling of the racks. The chest front rack fit all boxes up to 133x133x(box size)mm.

  • Stainless steel
  • Smart grip
  • Fits box sizes up to 133x133x(box size)mm