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From refrigerators to ultra-low temperature freezers, Arctiko’s Danish-designed industry-leading technology protects medical products and samples in laboratories, medical practices and distribution centres worldwide.

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ARCTIKO is a leading manufacturer of high-quality medial-grade refrigerators and freezers to keep global medical supplies safe. 

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Guide to Proper Vaccine Storage: Refrigeration and Freezing Best Practices

In the world of healthcare, the proper storage of vaccines is a critical aspect that ensures their efficacy and safety. Whether you’re storing vaccines in refrigeration units or freezers, understanding and adhering to the best practices is vital. This guide combines essential tips for storing vaccines at both refrigerated and frozen temperatures, focusing on Celsius...Read More

The Vital Role of Temperature Monitoring in Medical Refrigeration

Medical refrigeration is essential for storing potentially life-saving medications and vaccinations. Temperature control monitoring is critical to the success of modern refrigeration systems. Temperature variations are a major concern in medical refrigeration, thus continual temperature monitoring is critical for ensuring the integrity and safety of the stored medicinal items. The necessity of temperature control monitoring...Read More

The Importance of Safe and Effective Blood and Plasma Storage

Blood and plasma storage play a vital role in modern healthcare systems, ensuring the availability of these life-saving resources when needed. The proper storage and preservation of blood and plasma are crucial to maintain their integrity and efficacy. With advancements in technology, innovative approaches have emerged to address the challenges associated with blood and plasma...Read More

Which type of Medical Refrigerator is Right for your needs? Pros and Cons Explored

A regular domestic refrigerator is inadequate for keeping vaccinations, medicines, and other medical supplies safe. Medical-grade refrigerators are built to maintain exact temperature control, avoid contamination, and keep the contents secure.   This article will go through the numerous medical refrigerators available, such as pharmaceutical, blood bank, and biomedical fridges. We will go through their...Read More

Revolutionizing Healthcare Storage with High-Capacity Freezers

In the field of healthcare, proper storage of medical supplies and specimens is of utmost importance. High-capacity freezers have emerged as a revolutionary solution for efficient and reliable healthcare storage. These specialized freezers offer advanced features and specifications specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of the medical industry. In this blog post, we will...Read More

Essential Features of Medical-Grade Refrigerators

Medical-grade refrigerators are an essential component of every healthcare institution, enabling the safe and precise storage of crucial medications, vaccinations, and other temperature-sensitive supplies. These specialist refrigerators are built to fulfil severe regulatory criteria while also maintaining perfect temperature control, making them an essential component of hospital infrastructure. Stay with us as we will look...Read More

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