CRYO 230®

Cryogenic freezer

The cryogenic freezer features the highly reliable TRUE DUAL™ technology comprised by two independent systems offering double security. In the unlikely event that one cooling system should fail, the second cooling system will maintain the CRYO freezer at -130°C.

The CRYO 230 offers a wide variety of research and long-term storage applications for low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of cells, DNA, bone material, bacteria, etc. With its superior cooling precision and features, the CRYO 230 is the perfect choice for testing special material, ideal for hospitals, university laboratories, military industry or sanitation stations. The cryo freezer can be supplied with our 9×9 or 10×10 cryoboxes, for secure handling of your samples. 

Note: Chart recorder as illustrated is not included. 


  • Freezers
  • Capacity (L) 233 L.
  • Range -140 / -150 °C

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