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Arctiko G 214® Featured Image

Arctiko G 214®

The G214 Controller is used on most of our units and has been the main controller of Arctiko for many years. With regular updates, the G214 controller has stayed on top of the competition. The controller has all the features needed for the safe storage of your valuable samples.

The G214 is equipped with a 4,3” LCD display and a USB port for easy upload of software/download of logged data. The controller has extensive integrated logging capabilities with access to detailed logs directly on the display. It can monitor multiple alarm conditions, has an integrated memory for 30 years, and is available in multiple languages. We made sure to integrate a battery backup for alarms, logging and temperature display in case of a power cut. In case of probe failure, an autocycle is added on as a feature, combined with 3 levels of password protection.

  • 4,3″ LCD display
  • Multiple languages
  • Password protection

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